Founded in 2019, billss is a holistic financial management service born to revolutionise the way you manage your money.

Bored of all these apps that give you feedback on what you already spent or alert you when you spend too much, we bring it to the next level: by putting aside on a virtual card the money you’ll be spending anyway and leaving you with what you can really spend. With billss what is left on your account is what you can really spend - after bills and savings. We use the virtual card to pay your expenses for your as they arrive during the month without you feeling it!

billss is an app that helps you get better visibility on what you can really spend and get rich without increasing your salary.

billss HQ is in Shoreditch and the service is only available in the UK - for the moment. We’re passionate about helping you feel better with your finance.



Previously founded Deskmate and started his career in investment banking.


Former Teacher at LeWagon Coding bootcamp. She also freelanced as fullstack developer.


The noise around us.


We are on track to radically improve your experience with your spending. For us, that means simplicity, speed and less stress.

We would love to hear about how you’re using billss and what you’d like to see next. If you’ve got thoughts or ideas please get in touch at