billss analyses you bank account and each time you receive your salary we put aside on a virtual card (to pay your billss) the amount we will have agreed on during setup and which you can change any time. Each time a new bill is issued from your provider you can either use your billss virtual card to pay it manually or just register your virtual card with the supplier and we’ll pay it for you automatically. You can also pay via direct debit using your billss account if you which so.

When you create a billss account we will automatically identify your subscriptions (gas, electricity, water, Spotify, Netflix, etc.) and what you pay each month for these. Then we will agree with you on an amount to put aside on a virtual card each time you receive your salary to pay these bills.

You can also create vaults, enable "smart savings" and round-ups to save money without feeling it.

Each time you receive your salary we'll put on your billss account the amount you’ll need to pay your recurring bills - eventually a bit more so that you are covered if a bill is higher than expected. That will (i) give you more visibility on what you really have left to spend and (ii) prevent you from spending too much and falling into overdraft. We use a virtual card to pay your bills on your behalf when they are due so that you don’t even feel it.

Yes you can add many bank accounts. Each time you'll add one we will analyse it and ask you whether you want us to take into account the identified subscriptions or income for your billss account.

Billss identifies your spending and smartly puts aside money so that you don’t feel it. This means that even without realising it nor making any effort you’ll save money and become richer.

You can also create vaults or save money by rounding some expenses.

Yes, totally. We believe we can’t pretend to be an app helping you better manage your finance and become financially healthier by charging you. So we made basic feature for free and these should help you a lot. For people who are willing to reach the extra miles of personal money management we made additional features we charge for, simply because they cost us too and we also need money to sustain our living as a startup.

This is currently the beta version of Billss, which means all features are not yet available. We are more than happy to hear any of your idea on how to improve our service.

This also means we do not make money yet: we are a free service simplifying your life and we hope you enjoy it!

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