Why and Who is it for?

Connect your utility providers and have access to all your bills automatically every month.

Pay your bills through the platform.

Track your expenses easily.

Yes! Even if you don’t want or can’t pay through the platform, adding your providers or recurrent debits on the platform will help you keep track of everything. You will also be able to upload your own documents in a near future.

Getting started

To create a new flat account you need to create an account first by signing up. You will then automatically be redirected to the page enabling you to create your flat account.

Account settings

Go in the profile tab, update your settings and click the « update » button.

It can take up to 48 hours to update your account when you receive a new bill.

If it still not updating after this time or if your bills are incorrect, you can contact us at hello@billss.co, we will answer and solve the problem as soon as possible.

How to use the platform

To add a provider, go on the « This month » tab of your dashboard and click on « Connect a provider ».

You can select one provider from our list or add a recurring payment.

If you select a provider from our list, you will need to enter your logins details once only so that we can have access to your account and upload your bills every month.

Important: if you want to pay your bills through our website, please add your providers' sort-code, account number and the reference you need to quote in order to trace your payment. These can be found on your current bills.

If you add a recurring payment, you won’t be connected to your provider account but a new bill will be generated every month so you can track your expenses over time.

We unfortunately don’t yet have all providers. We are working hard to add new ones, but if you’d like to make a request or intro us, please contact us at hello@billss.co.

Making our customers happy is our main goal and asking for a particular provider could make the process a lot quicker.

A general expense is a one-time expense (grocery shopping, home furniture, etc.). This is not linked to any provider. We’ve added this option so you can track one-off expenses easily having to use several different platforms depending on the type of expense you’re making.

A direct debit is not linked to any provider but a bill will automatically be generated every month.

Add a provider means you will enter your provider login details so we can connect to your account and display your bills automatically every month. You will also be able to pay the provider directly through our platform.

A direct debit won’t be linked to any provider account. A direct debit is just a regular expense that will generate a new bill of the same amount on the same date every month. It helps you keep track of your expenses and allows you to share expenses amongst the flat easily.


This section is a summary of the current's month bills activity.

It shows each month your current balance, the total expenses of that month, the remaining amount you need to pay suppliers, and how much you paid.

You can see here all your monthly bills: the ones due and the ones you paid. We display the number of days the bills are due before you pay them.

Important: for the platform to work efficiently you need to pay all your bills via the platform. Otherwise it won't keep track of what was paid or not. But you can mark a bill as paid

You can pay your bills by clicking the "Pay" button after adding the flatmates who will contribute to each bill.

This is where you can add providers to link to your account and generate new bills each months or add manually direct debits.

This section displays monthly charts of spending by category.

You can view all the bills paid (including direct debits) for each month.

This is where you should add your personal details. You will be able to add name, email, picture, etc.

You should add your account number and sort code for enbaling your flatshare to pay you once the feature is available ;)

You can change your password from clicking the button at the end of that page.

This is where you store all your personal documents, which are not related to any provider. You can add anything you want in there :)


This happens on the tab "This Month".

By pressing the "Pay" button you'll be redirected to the secured payment gateway provided by Stripe to pay your share of the bill.

The money is sent to the provider on the day you send the payment. It usually takes up to 72H before the provider receives it. Please ensure you're in time when paying your bill (that's what Billss' reminders are for! ;) ) as we can't be responsible for any late fees.

Payments typically take up to 72h to be received by the provider.

Yes. First we send you an email each time a new bill is issued. As soon a bill is issued we count the numbers of days you owe it for. When this goes beyond 15 days we send you a reminder email, which we will do every week until you paid the bill.

Security has been our priority since day one. We follow the industry standards (things like password encryption, regular security updates and monitoring) and keep improving our security on a daily basis. We’ll never share your personal data with anyone without your permission.

We use Stripe to process you paiments. Stripe is simply amongst the most secured payment provider globally today.

Payments are part of our monthly subscription only. That means will not charge you anything more than your monthly fee for processing your payments.

About us

See the "about us" page by clicking here

This is currently the Beta version of Billss. This means all features are not yet available. We are more than happy to hear any of your idea on how to improve our service.

This also means we do not make money yet: we are a free service simplifying your life and we hope you enjoy it!

We will offer a premium version of the platform with new and exciting features soon!